The Full Story



In the beginning, Vikare Publishing didn’t start with much of a mission at all. It was merely a way for Hawke Smith, a new author among the horizon, to establish his own personal brand that would launch his dreams past the stars through the amazing story he lived and breathed in his first book, 29 Palms: An American Odyssey for True Love.

It is the first book of the saga of a self-made man who dared to do what others thought he couldn’t. Vikare Publishing has its mission now, but that mission doesn’t just include Hawke’s journey, we also aspire to help you create and find your own story.


Hawke Smith and his team here at Vikare Publishing believe in the personal tales of everyday people from all walks of life. We strive to make the unheard voices of today more pristine, clear, and known for the dawning of the sun that will rise tomorrow.

Every person is a living and breathing story.

Each of our personal tales ebb and flow through every beating moment of the heart. Most of these stories are songs that have yet to be sung however. Every adventure, every tragedy, every waking moment means something and so does your story. Our team here at Vikare wish to make that story known.